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This article describes a feature planned for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. 
It has not appeared in any development versions yet, but is planned to be included in Java Edition 1.21 and Bedrock Edition 1.21.0.
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The armadillo is an upcoming mob and the winner of the Minecraft Live 2023Mob Vote, planned to be added in the 1.21 Update. It spawns in savannas. The armadillo can become startled and hide in its shell when the player confronts it; it can also drop scutes (not necessarily from dying), which would be used to craft Wolf Armor, offering them better protection during combat.[1]

Preview video


October 4, 2023Armadillo was showcased in the sneak peak trailer
October 15, 2023Armadillo won the Minecraft 2023 Mob Vote



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