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Bedrock Editor
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The Bedrock Editor, also referred to as the Minecraft: Bedrock Editor and the Editor, is an in-game tool that can be used to edit worlds through projects. It is customizable through the use of scripting.


  • Install Bedrock Edition Preview or later on Windows.
  • Right-click on desktop menu, select New from the dropdown, and choose to create a new Shortcut.
  • For the location of the item, enter minecraft-preview:?Editor=true. This is case-sensitive and needs to match exactly.
  • Click Next and give your shortcut a name, such as Minecraft Editor.
  • Launch the game with the newly created shortcut.

Alternatively, opening the Bedrock Editor can be done by pressing ⊞ Windows + R, typing minecraft-preview:?Editor=true, and pressing OK.

These methods of launching are planned to change when Bedrock Editor leaves the Minecraft Preview.


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Version history

VersionMinecraft versionDate
0.4.6Preview 27, 2023
0.4.5Preview 20, 2023
0.4.4Preview 17, 2023
0.4.3Preview 9, 2023
0.4.2Preview 3, 2023
0.4.1Preview 12, 2023
0.4.0Preview 28, 2023
0.3.7Preview 14, 2023
0.3.6Preview 25, 2023
0.3.5Preview 26, 2023
0.3.4Preview 19, 2023
0.3.3Preview 12, 2023
0.3.2Preview 22, 2023
0.3.1Preview 15, 2023
0.3Preview 8, 2023


  • In the first build, a link referenced as an example scripting pack was jokingly put in the code. It redirects to Rick Astley's
famous song "Never Gonna Give You Up

". It is currently unknown who put it there.[2]