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This article describes a feature planned for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. 
It has not appeared in any development versions yet, but is planned to be included in Java Edition 1.21 and Bedrock Edition 1.21.0.
Breeze.png: Infobox image for Breeze the entity in Minecraft



Trial Chambers

The breeze is planned to be a hostile mob that attacks with wind charges and can interact with redstone components. It will be found in certain rooms in trial chambers.


Breezes will spawn from trial spawners in certain trial chamber structure rooms.


The breeze will leap around to attack players with its wind charge attack. Right before jumping the breeze compresses itself like a spring and was shown in Minecraft Live to jump up to 5 blocks vertically and up to 15 blocks horizontally. The maximum vertical and horizontal jump range is currently unknown. When the breeze's wind charge attack directly hits an entity, the entity takes damage and a burst of wind appears. This attack is telegraphed by the breeze leaning back and its outer layers tilting towards the intended target, and then executing a blowing motion. If the wind charge hits a block, only the burst of wind appears. This burst of wind deals knockback but does not deal any damage, pushing entities away from it. The wind burst can interact with buttons, levers and trapdoors to toggle their block state and may interact with other redstone components like pressure plates. This allows the breeze to transform the area around the chamber room it spawns in, which can allow the activation of traps for more danger in the room.


October 15, 2023Breezes are announced at Minecraft Live 2023.