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Minecraft Dungeons Arcade

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Introducing a colorful, co-op cabinet from Play Mechanix!


Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is an arcade adaptation of Minecraft Dungeons announced on March 5th, 2021.[2][1] The game is developed by Mojang Studios in conjunction with Play Mechanix and it was released in the third quarter of 2021.[3]


The game offers two different modes of single and multiplayer. In multiplayer, it supports up to four players and features various weapons, armors, heroes, and mobs.[4]Players explore various missions and defeat hostile mobs throughout their play. The game uses a side-on perspective instead of an isometric perspective as in the main game. The hero can also use physical collectible cards obtained at the beginning of every game to select their gear as well as a pet and a hero. There are mobs exclusive to the arcade version such as the obsidian monstrosity, mages, and variants of jungle zombies and frozen zombies.

After starting the game, the game dispenses a card and shows players five empty slots, one for each type of card. One card of each type can be scanned in by each player, any slots left empty when moving on are assigned a random item. Next, players select a mission and the game begins. After a small cutscene, the player’s hero spawns on the left of the screen with only their armor equipped. There are three actions, melee, range, and dodge, and a joystick to aim and move around with. Heroes move right across the map fighting mobs in stages using a basic sword and bow.

Mobs can drop emeralds upon defeat which count toward filling up meters for weapons, armor and pet cards; these items are activated when enough emeralds are collected for each separate item. When the melee weapon is ready it is equipped automatically, and a fifteen second countdown starts upon the weapon's first use. Every melee card gives a 150% damage boost over the basic sword, however different weapon choices can have vastly different areas of effect. Ranged weapons vary more, generally having no cooldown but instead having several arrows to use with different areas of effect upon impact or other buffs. Pets are NPCs with smaller amounts of health than players, which aid the player in attacking mobs. Pets also continue to fight after the hero is defeated. Armor reduces damage taken and prevents the hero from taking damage to their base HP, it is equipped automatically when its gem meter is full and lasts until it is broken.

As heroes travel across the map, waves of mobs become larger and introduce more difficult mobs to fight. Each mission has a short cutscene around the half-way point. At the end of each mission, heroes must defeat a boss in order to beat the mission. Upon beating two missions in a row on the same play-through, players unlock a bonus boss fight mission against the Ancient Guardian.


The arcade cabinet.

The game has a large screen outlined with a lava texture. Right below that is the hinge that displays five cards in front of a orange background with the Play Mechanix logo on the right. The top of the cabinet has the logo for Minecraft Dungeons Arcade with four Minecraft Dungeons heroes above it. The console has four control panels, displaying characters right above each one. Each panel is colored indicating the player(s), which are blue, red, green, and yellow respectively. Below the console is where the cards are ejected from the system - the player may scan these cards after each round to play with a desired hero, item or pet.


The following is included within the arcade:











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Minecraft Dungeons Arcade
March 5, 2021Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is announced, and is in the works, showcasing some gameplay images and the File:DungeonsItemSprite card.pngCard system.
?Many more gameplay images are revealed, showing exclusive summons, bosses, and enemies such as the DungeonsEntitySprite mage.png: Sprite image for mage in Minecraft linking to MCD:MageMage and the DungeonsEntitySprite obsidian-monstrosity.png: Sprite image for obsidian-monstrosity in Minecraft linking to MCD:Obsidian MonstrosityObsidian Monstrosity.
June 1, 2021More in-game footage is seen from Arcade, as well as revealing a few new mobs and seeing certain mobs work in-game such as the DungeonsEntitySprite obsidian-monstrosity.png: Sprite image for obsidian-monstrosity in Minecraft linking to MCD:Obsidian MonstrosityObsidian Monstrosity.
May 2021Minecraft Dungeons Arcade and Series 1 are released.
November 19, 2022Series 2: Hidden Depths is released, featuring content from the Hidden Depths DLC.



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  1. Uses the original internal name for the Frosted Fjord.
  2. Contains parts from both the Coral Rise and the Abyssal Monument. Unlocked after two missions are completed.
  3. abcAs displayed in-game.