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OVERWORLD BIOMES – The more you get to know the different biomes, the easier you will find it to navigate between them and make the most of the resources they offer. Let's take a closer look at what you can expect to find.

Minecraft Legends:
A Hero's Guide to Saving the Overworld

A biome is a region in a world with distinct geographical features, terrain, mobs, foliage, and more. A total of ten biomes exist in Minecraft Legends.

List of biomes

BadlandsBadlands are dry plateaued biomes that feature tar pits, the biome becomes more forested at lower elevation, large skeleton structures can also be found in these lower sections.
Dry SavannaDry savannas are dry biomes populated with dying coral-like trees. The biome is mostly flat but can feature sparse large plateaus.
Dry Savanna
FatelandsThe fatelands are a flat biome composed entirely of occasional trees and towering rock formations, each of which contain a square hole at its peak. This biome always spawns in the center of the world only.
ForestForests are somewhat dense biomes filled with short, thin trees, many of which have orange and red leaves.
Jagged PeaksJagged peaks are comprised of large stone mountains blanketed with snow and populated by thin spruce trees.
Jagged Peaks
JungleJungles are populated by thick tall trees, the leaves of which form a canopy that covers the majority of the ground. The ground is filled with plants and foliage.
MeadowMeadows are flat grassland biomes populated by sparsely placed trees and long winding rivers. Small clusters of stone are also found scattered around.
SwampSwamps are moist biomes largely dominated by bodies of water, large types of fungi can be found here, some of which emit light.
TundraTundras are a flat biome covered with snow and populated by geysers. The edges of rivers are frozen over and ice cactus-like formations can be found.


Minecraft Legends
1.17.24827Added biomes.


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