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YOUR TRUSTED MOUNT – Every hero needs a trusty steed to navigate the Overworld. Once you have found a mount in the wild, it will wait for you at village fountains.

Minecraft Legends:
A Hero's Guide to Saving the Overworld

Mounts are a type of mob that can be ridden by the player in Minecraft Legends.


Mounts can be ridden and are used by the hero to go around the world. Each mounts have their own unique abilities that can be helpful to heroes.

List of mounts

Big Beak Unlock MCL.gifBrilliant Beetle Unlock MCL.gifHorse Unlock MCL.gifRegal Tiger Unlock MCL.gif
Big BeakBrilliant BeetleHorseRegal Tiger


Minecraft Legends
TU01.17.24827Added big beaks, brilliant beetles, horses, and regal tigers.