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NOTE: This server is not associated with Mojang nor the official Minecraft Discord server. Please do not direct queries regarding the Minecraft Discord server, technical support, or multiplayer requests here. To access the official Minecraft Discord, click here.

The Minecraft Wiki Discord server is a place for readers, editors and administrators of the Minecraft Wiki to discuss and talk about the wiki.


Please read the following rules before joining the Minecraft Wiki Discord server:

  1. The following is prohibited:
    • Spam, self promotion and advertising.
    • Any kind of offensive or otherwise controversial content. Notably, keep the chat SFW.
    • Any kind of harassment, personal attack, and derogatory language.
    • Illegal content.
    • Sharing others' personal information.
  2. Do not ping individuals or roles abusively.
  3. Use channels for what they're meant. Each channel has a topic that tells you what it is for.
    • Notably, do not ask for people to play with, or ask for help with creating a server, game troubleshooting, or account assistance.
  4. Keep discussion in English. An exception to this rule are the channels in the In other languages category.
  5. Please make sure that editors who don't use Discord can take part in important wiki-related discussions. If you have a major proposal, please post it on the wiki and give all editors a chance to comment.
  6. Follow Discord TOS (https://discord.com/terms). Notably, you must be at least 13 years old.

Join the server


Wiki user rights

On the server, there are multiple roles representing the user groups on the wiki:

  • Administrator – Given to administrators of the English Minecraft Wiki.
  • Director – Given to administrators of any of the Minecraft Wikis. (List of current directors)
  • Board – Given to members of the Minecraft Wiki board.
  • Weird Gloop – Given to people who work at Weird Gloop.
  • Fandom staff – Given to people who work at Fandom.
  • Editor – Given to people who have made at least 50 edits to at least one of the language versions of the Minecraft Wiki.
  • Bot owner – Given to editors who own bots on the wiki. Editors can ping this role if they have a task that needs to be executed by a bot.

Administrative roles

Furthermore, there are some administrative roles:

  • Server administrator – Manage the server and have access to all server settings. All Administrators automatically get this role. See current server team.
  • Server moderator – Moderate the server, verify editors and are able to kick and ban users. See current server team.
  • Bot – Given to users who aren't humans. See Bots.

Other roles

  • Mojang staff – Given to people who are part of the Minecraft team.
  • Wiki socials – Given to editors with access to the social media accounts.
  • Wiki videos – Given to editors who want to be updated about the wiki videos project.

Language roles

There are also roles that are given to users based on their primary language wiki(s). These roles can be requested in #discord. The following language roles are available:

  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Literary Chinese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukranian

Account verification

In order to get a role on the Discord server, users need to verify their account with their wiki account. Here's a guide about how to get verified:

  • You need to have made at least 50 edits to at least one of the language versions of the Minecraft Wiki in order to get the editor role, although other roles, such as directors, administrators, and Mojang Staff, don't require this as long as the role applies to you.
  • Add your Discord handle somewhere on your user page.
    • Alternatively, you can use the talk page of this page.
    • If you cannot do this for some reason or don't want to publish your Discord handle publicly on the wiki, you can request using an alternative verification process in #editor-verification.
  • Write !wiki User:<your wiki username> into the #editor-verification channel.
    • If you have made less than 50 edits on the English wiki, you can verify your account on another wiki using the command !wiki <interwiki>:User:<your wiki username> as well.
  • Wait for a server moderator to verify your account. Please be patient and don't ping server moderators.


The channels are split up into multiple categories:

The unnamed section (standard)

This category contains channels that don't belong to any category.

  • #rules-and-info – New users land here. This channel contains an introduction message to the server, rules and other helpful tips.
  • #related-servers - A list of important Discord servers related to Minecraft.
  • #editor-verification – A channel to verify your wiki account (see account verification).


This category contains live feeds, such as announcements and new changes to the wiki. Only moderators can post in these channels, and some have automated posts.

  • #news – In this channel, server moderators can post Minecraft- or Minecraft Wiki-related news, or announcements about the Discord server.
  • #game-updates – Snapshot and release changelogs, mirrored from the changelog channels in official Minecraft Discord servers.
  • #recent-changes – A live feed of all the recent changes in the English Minecraft Wiki.
  • #social-media-feed – Activity from the wiki's social media accounts.
  • #mojira-bugfixes – Feed of bug reports recently marked as "fixed" on the bug tracker. Mirrored from the Mojira Discord and currently only covers Java Edition.


This category is for channels where members of the server can discuss all kinds of things.

  • 💬wiki-feedback – Discord forum channel where members can create individual threads, to report issues or leave feedback about the wiki.
  • #general – General discussion about everything related to Minecraft, the Minecraft Wiki, or the Minecraft Wiki Discord server.
  • #minecraft – Discussion about the Minecraft franchise, including any of the Minecraft games.
  • #gameplay-help – Help with Minecraft gameplay.
  • #off-topic – A channel for everything that doesn't belong anywhere else.
  • #discord – A channel for discussion about or suggestions for the Discord server.
  • #bot-commands – In this channel, users can interact with Wiki-Bot and other bots without cluttering up other channels.


This category contains channels more focused around discussion about the wiki.

  • #wiki – General discussion about the Minecraft Wiki.
  • #dungeons-wiki - General discussion about Minecraft Dungeons content on the wiki.
  • #legends-wiki - General discussion about Minecraft Legends content on the wiki.
  • #story-mode-wiki - General discussion about Minecraft Story Mode content on the wiki.
  • #editors - Discussion about the Minecraft Wiki, only available to users with the Editor role.
  • #wiki-requests – A channel for reporting vandalism, spam and other issues requiring immediate attention of administrators; only available to users with Editor role.
  • #wiki-help – Help with wiki syntax, pages on the Minecraft Wiki, or general questions related to the wiki.
  • #wiki-info-verification – A channel for verifying edits and information on the wiki.
  • #wiki-technical – A channel for more technical discussion, such as templates and modules.
  • #wiki-socials - Discussion about the wiki's social media accounts, only available to users with the Editor role.


This category contains channels specifically for discussing the wiki's move from Fandom. These channels are in the process of slowly being phased out.


This category contains channels that can only be viewed by a small number of users with certain roles. Specifically, there are private channels for wiki administrators, directors, Weird Gloop, FANDOM staff, and server moderators. The channels are used for coordinating these teams.

Additionally, there are channels that use the Logger bot to keep track of messages that are edited or deleted, as well as users joining and leaving the server. These are only accessible by server administrators and moderators.

In other languages

This section contains channels for some languages the Minecraft Wiki is available in. Some wikis have their own Discord server, in which case its invite link will be posted in the corresponding channel. If there isn't a separate Discord server for a language, the channel can be used as a discussion room in that language.

If you want to request an additional language channel, you can ask a server administrator in #discord to add it.


Several archived channels are placed at the bottom of the server.


There are the following Bots on the server currently:


Wiki-Bot can search for and link to pages on the Minecraft Wiki, as well as search for pages on other wikis and provide information about wiki users. For a full list of commands, use the command !wiki help in #bot-commands or read the pinned message in that channel.


Logger logs most of the actions that are happening on the server. There's also an audit log built into Discord, but that one gets cleared after a certain amount of time. This bot is only relevant for server moderators.

Curious Chicken

Curious Chicken is a private multipurpose bot for a few Discord servers, mainly used for moderation actions.


A bot designed for plural communities on Discord. It proxies messages with webhooks so each member of a system (an individual with multiple selves) can express themself without using multiple accounts or signing messages. Due to Discord limitations, proxied messages have the "BOT" tag next to them despite not actually being bots.

Rusty Bot

A private multi-task bot, mainly used to show embeds for Discord message links.

Current server team

Server administrators
Server moderators