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How to help

The Minecraft Wiki is a website aimed to store information about the Minecraft franchise, and it stores pages on its database about blocks, items, entities, etc. Because of this, users who want to edit the wiki, but don't know how to help, need a guide on how to do stuff and work on the wiki, and this page aims to give some advices that should be helpful.

New to wiki editing?
  • Be bold! If you see something that needs improvement, don't be afraid to edit it. Wikis are built off of changes made by readers like yourself. If you see something you think could be improved, improve it! Just click the "Edit" tab at the top of pages to edit their contents.
  • Get in touch with the community! Ask questions on an article's Talk tab or the community discussion page, or join the Discord server.

How do I start?
  • You can create an account or log in before you're able to edit pages without your IP address being displayed in the edit history.
  • Don't be afraid to edit! If you make a mistake, you or someone else can easily fix it – so take the initiative and make a change if you think it's useful. (Tip: when editing, you can also use the "Show preview" button to check how the page will look before you save it!)
  • Create an article! If you don't find what you're looking for, remember that the Minecraft Wiki is made up of articles contributed by its users, it might just be that no one has written about that topic yet.


Getting started

There are several categories for articles needing some type of improvement:

If you're unsure of anything, feel free to ask on the community discussion page or the Discord server!