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After severaldiscussions, we are excited to announce that the Minecraft Wiki has now moved from Fandom to newminecraft.com – all of the information about the game can now be found at the new location!

By moving to a new place, we are able to bring lots of improvements to the wiki. For example, here are some changes you’ll find when visiting the new wiki!

A new skin!
No more ugly yellow sidebar! We’ve designed a familiar yet fresh look to the wiki to make it really pop. There’s also a dark mode option (located in the top-right corner of the webpage) and a fixed width option (currently just for logged-in users under “gadgets” in your user settings). We also have a new logo to celebrate!
Faster load times!
Our new host has better built out infrastructure that makes the site load significantly faster than Fandom, especially in different parts of the world and with slower internet connections. This is also thanks to a cleaner website interface that doesn’t require as many resources as the Fandom website does with all its additional non-wiki features.
Fewer ads!
The new site won’t have popups, quizzes, unrelated articles or videos ads; only one ad at most will show up per page.
Note that for the moment, there will not be any ads at all as we still work on getting the ad infrastructure fully set up. We will make sure to notify the wiki community and be as transparent as possible about the placement and selection of the ad.
Improved search functionality!
You might have noticed that the search results on Fandom are often less than ideal. With our move away from Fandom we’re now able to use a much more powerful and user-friendly search engine again. For example, try to find out which Java snapshot armor trims were added in by searching for “armor trim snapshot”.
No more age popup!
Unlike Fandom, we won’t be forcing you to tell us if you’re a child or an adult.
Anonymous editing is back!
You will no longer need to create an account to help improve the wiki.

We need your help!

Unfortunately, because Fandom does not close wikis that have moved away, the old Fandom wiki will remain in place and continue to appear in search results. The old domains “minecraft.gamepedia.com” and “minecraftwiki.net” will still redirect to the Fandom wiki as well.

As such, for the new wiki to be successful, we need your help! Here are a few ways you can help out:

  • Spread the word! Tell your friends that we’ve moved to a new place!
  • Don’t click on Fandom links. In search results, always pick newminecraft.com links instead of Fandom ones. This tells Google and other search engines which site is better for users.
  • Don't use the old domains. Change any existing “minecraftwiki.net”, “minecraft.gamepedia.com”, or “minecraft.fandom.com” links to newminecraft.com – this helps us become more established and show up higher in search results.
  • Help improve the wiki! At the new wiki, you don’t even have to create an account to make edits! Need help with editing? Come join our Discord server and ask some questions, or check out this help page.

You can also try out the Indie Wiki Buddy browser extension, which will redirect you there automatically, as well as hide the Fandom wiki on Google and other search engines.

Migrating Gamepedia/Fandom accounts to the new wiki

If you’d like to migrate your account to the new wiki, go to this page and follow the steps there. You’ll be prompted to input your name and verify your identity on the Fandom wiki. It should only take a few minutes.

All of your previous contributions will be kept when you migrate your account. However, your user preferences (including watchlist, email, and talk page signature) unfortunately cannot be transferred and you will need to set them again.

In case you have issues with this, please use this contact form or let us know on our Discord server.

Who is hosting the new wiki?

The new Minecraft Wiki will be hosted by Weird Gloop, the company that hosts the RuneScape wikis. There are a number of reasons why it was chosen as a host, which you can read about on the discussion page here.

The long and short of it is that our new host has a minimal amount of ads, a strong set of technical infrastructure, lots of transparency, and a strong track record regarding the SEO competition with Fandom for page ranking. Weird Gloop offers us the autonomy we would get from hosting the wiki ourselves, but they also have the experience and expertise needed to set up and maintain the infrastructure behind the wiki, which we do not have ourselves.

What about the non-English wikis?

For the moment, only the English Minecraft Wiki has moved away from Fandom. While we are fortunate enough to be able to move, we also understand that not all language wikis are able to or wish to move as well.

Some non-English wikis are also planning to move to the new location in the future. However, others have decided to stay at Fandom for now, or are still discussing whether they want to move or not. You can find out what the current position of each wiki is by checking out their respective community portals and/or Discord servers.

To all the community, please respect the decisions of those who choose to stay, as we are all still a part of the Minecraft community!

Comments and discussion

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to put them on the discussion page!