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Minecraft Wiki Projects

This is a list of community projects on Minecraft Wiki.

Add this page to your watchlist and stay on top of things.

How to make a new project

Create a new page in the Minecraft Wiki namespace which has the name of your project. For instance, if you wanted to make a project to translate the wiki into Greek, you could make the page "Minecraft Wiki:Projects/Greek translation".

The project page itself should be clear on what the project is trying to achieve. It may include things like:

  • An overview of what the project aims to do.
  • A detailed to-do list for the project.
  • New objectives can be created as old ones are completed.

Once the project page is ready, remember to add {{project status}} and add it to the list of current projects below. If the project is going to use multiple pages, add {{project}} to it and all pages and categories within the project.

If the project can be done by a single editor in a reasonable amount of time, then it should go into MCW:Pending tasks.

Current projects

Language translations

A handy template for translation projects can be found here.

Catalan translationYesTranslating the wiki into Catalan / Valencian.
Slovak translationYesTranslating the wiki into Slovak.
Swedish translationYesTranslating the wiki into Swedish.
Tagalog translationYesTranslating the wiki into Tagalog.
Vietnamese translationYesTranslating the wiki into Vietnamese.
Belarusian translationYesTranslating the wiki into Belarusian.

Organization and research

Concept ArtworkYesTo create a page with a comprehensive gallery of concept artwork from updates of the main game (including upcoming features), in chronological order.
Imgur ArchivingYesTo find and save relevant Imgur images from official sources before anonymously uploaded images are deleted from the site.
Screenshot Minecraft VersionsYesTo provide a screenshot of each version's title screen.
Screenshot FixingProviding a uniform standard for screenshots and replacing existing ones to match this standard.
Rewrite for StyleAn organized way to rewrite the various articles that do not fit with the style guide.
Standardize and rewrite tutorialsYesMake a "style guide" for tutorials, and then rewrite them. Replaces Tutorials Modernization
Redirect cleanupFigure out what redirects are harmful and can be deleted in order to make search suggestions more useful.
Capitalization fixingCorrectly capitalizing or un-capitalizing Minecraft-specific terms in articles.
Refactoring edition specific informationTo address flaws with labeling edition-specific information, making articles easier to read and to edit.
Texture Documentation CleanupTo cleanup the documentation of textures on the wiki and provide a complete texture history for every block, item, mob, etc.
TemplatesMaintaining the wiki's templates and rewriting template documentations to make them clearer for most editors.
Gallery organizationTo organize subsections and images used in the gallery section of articles.
Minecraft: Story Mode WikiYesTo provide a wiki on Minecraft: Story Mode, which is an official game by Mojang and Telltale Games.
CategorizationOrganizing and handling the wiki's categories.
Structure BlueprintsBlueprints for naturally generated structures such as temples.
History cleanupYesOrganizing History sections.
Add more screenshotsAdding more screenshots to pages.
MerchandiseYesActively catalog official memorabilia, both on existing pages and new ones focusing on specific brands.
Classification RatingsYesProviding up-to-date age classification and age ratings for all of Mojang's titles.

Finished projects

Language translations

Czech translationTranslating the wiki into Czech.
French translationTranslating the wiki into French.
Hungarian translationTranslating the wiki into Hungarian.
Spanish translationTranslating the wiki into Spanish.
Korean translationTranslating the wiki into Korean.
Chinese translationTranslating the wiki into Chinese.
Brazilian translationTranslating the wiki into Portuguese.
Japanese translationTranslating the wiki into Japanese.
Italian translationTranslating the wiki into Italian.
Thai translationTranslating the wiki into Thai.
Turkish translationTranslating the wiki into Turkish.
Ukrainian translationTranslating the wiki into Ukrainian.

Organization and research

WelcomeWelcoming new members of the wiki and providing general help to them and the user-base of the wiki.
Beginner's Guide RewriteImproving the Beginner's Guide, as well as creating a general overview of survival mode.
Quick reference pageCombining all list with icons in one page. (Blocks, Items, Environment, Entities, ...)
ModsOrganization and documentation of Minecraft mods.
Village BlueprintsCreating a page with all the village designs.
Style guideStandardizing style guidelines and formatting on the wiki.
Moving Pages to In-Game NameMoving things such as "Coal (Ore)" to "Coal Ore".
EntitiesMaking entities templates and pages.
Mob researchExtensive research on all mobs and mobs' behavior to add to their page. Single player and SMP.
Talk Page GuidelinesFixing the talk pages on all pages.
Pocket Edition data valuesFilling in all the block, item and entity data values for PE update 0.16.0.
File name cleanupMoving files to more descriptive names.
Screenshot LicensingLicensing unlicensed screenshots.
Minecraft Dungeons WikiTo provide a wiki on Minecraft Dungeons, which is an official game by Mojang that takes place in the Minecraft universe.
Minecraft Earth WikiTo provide a wiki on Minecraft Earth, which is an official game by Mojang that combines the real and Minecraft universes.
Raw and cooked foodMerging raw food with cooked food.
Upload Missing Wiki SoundsTo upload all missing audio files and link them to their corresponding entity/mob article.
Tutorials ModernizationUpdate tutorials to conform to latest versions of Minecraft.
Minecraft in educationResearch, project ideas, curriculum maps, lesson plans
Minecraft in schoolsHow Minecraft can be used in classes and to teach subjects at schools.
Version cleanupClean up and improve the many version articles on this wiki
Userboxes standardizationStandardizing the namespace of all userboxes and creating a common sizing template.
RenamingChanging the names of all the editions to reflect on the new names.
Cleanup open tagsFixing and cleaning up all unclosed HTML tags to fix the navigation bar on all affected pages.
Individual Biome PagesTo organize biomes into their own pages, to make it easier to find information.
Wiki videosCreating videos for articles containing information about the pages' topics.
Template documentation cleanupRewriting template documentations to make them clearer for most editors.