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Mojang Studios
Mojang Studios.png: Infobox image for Mojang Studios the company in Minecraft
  • Mojang Specifications (2009–2010)
  • Mojang AB (2010–2020)



2009; 14 years ago (2009)


Stockholm, Sweden

Key people
Parent company

Xbox Game Studios (2014–present)

Mojang Studios[a] is a first-party game developer for Xbox Game Studios. It is primarily known for the creation and development of Minecraft. Mojang Studios has 972 employees in multiple locations around the world.[4]

Mojang Studios' animated logo made out of "Mojangs".[5]


Markus Persson and Rolf Jansson started development on massively multiplayer online role-playing game Wurm Online in 2003,[6] using the name Mojang Specifications.[7] Persson and Jansson incorporated their business under the name Mojang Specifications AB in 2007. Persson soon left and wished to reuse the name "Mojang"; Jansson renamed his company to Onetoofree AB, and later to Code Club AB.

During early development on Minecraft, Persson reused the name Mojang Specifications. After declining a job offer at Valve, Notch incorporated Mojang Specifications as Mojang AB ("Mojäng Aktiebolag", Swedish for "Gadget Ltd.") with Jakob Porsér.[8] Persson then hired Carl Manneh as CEO, since both wanted to focus on Minecraft 's development.

Mojang publicly announced on September 15, 2014, that they would be bought by Microsoft for US$2.5 billion, and they subsequently became a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios (now known as Xbox Game Studios) on November 6, 2014.[9] Mojang AB as a legal entity continues to exist as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

On May 17, 2020, Minecraft's 11th anniversary, Mojang announced that they were changing their name to Mojang Studios, unveiling a new logo and a logo animation.[5]


Mojang Studios in Stockholm is the home office of the larger Minecraft studio and is where the decisions regarding the Minecraft franchise are made. Mojang Studios also includes satellite offices in Japan, China, the United Kingdom, and Redmond, Washington, United States, sharing a single studio budget and studio vision between all locations. The head of Mojang Studios is Helen Chiang who is assisted by Mojang CEO Jonas Mårtensson[10] Matt Booty, the former CVP of Minecraft, was promoted to the CVP of Xbox Game Studios and reports to Phil Spencer, who is the Executive Vice President of Microsoft's gaming division.[11]

The UK office works closely with platform partners in Europe as well as partner studio 4J Studios. The China office works closely with the partner studio NetEase. The Japan office works closely with platform partners in Japan and Asia. The Redmond office, like the one in Stockholm, assists with all the editions. Nearly all teams are spread out across both Stockholm and Redmond offices, except that Minecraft Education is developed primarily in Redmond, and Java Edition is developed primarily in Stockholm.[12]


Minecraft games

Other games

Caller's Bane

Current logo for Caller's Bane
Previous logo before the name change to Caller's Bane.

Main Wiki: Caller's Bane Wiki

Caller's Bane (originally known as Scrolls) is a Mojang game first conceived and developed by Jakob Porsér,[13] with Måns Olson and Henrik Pettersson joining later on.[14] Announced on March 2, 2011,[15] it aims to combine elements from trading card games and traditional board games in the strategy genre.

In August 2011, Mojang had been threatened with legal action by the legal team representing ZeniMax Media, with the accusation being that the original title "Scrolls" infringes on the The Elder Scrolls trademark, a series of role-playing video games published by Bethesda Softworks (a ZeniMax Media subsidiary). In mid-October 2011, the court case was won by Mojang,[16] and one employee described the outcome as "the court saw it from our side". No further action was taken against Mojang, and the name "Scrolls" was allowed to remain.

The game was first made available to a limited number of people through alpha keys giveaways, starting from July 5, 2012.[17] It then hit beta on June 3, 2013[18] since when it is purchasable at a discounted price. The game was fully released on December 11, 2014, on PC, Mac, and Android devices,[19] but on June 29th, 2015, Mojang announced that development of Scrolls would cease as "the game has reached a point where it can no longer sustain continuous development".[20] Servers for the game didn’t shut down, however, until February 13, 2018.[21]

On June 20, 2018, it was announced that the game would be released for free, along with changing the name from Scrolls to Caller's Bane.[22]


Cobalt (game).png

Main Wiki: Cobalt Wiki

Cobalt is an action game developed by Oxeye Game Studios and published / co-developed by Mojang. Announced on August 16, 2011,[23] the gameplay consists of "running, jumping, rolling, shooting, throwing, dancing, hacking, rolling, flying, sliding, climbing, looting, deflecting, racing, piñata-ing, passing, scoring… and even more rolling!". The game also includes a map editor, and an engine that can be used to make new modes and games within it.

Cobalt is written in Lua, allowing for the game to be easily modifiable. The game was first made available through an alpha, starting from December 16, 2011, when it was offered at a discounted price.[24][25] On August 20, 2013, Cobalt was announced to be released on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with FatShark AB assisting with the port.[26]

Originally, the game was planned to be released for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS3 in 2014,[27] but was delayed twice to allow for more development time. The game was ultimately released for PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on February 2, 2016.[28]

Cobalt W.A.S.D.
Cobalt WASD.png

Cobalt W.A.S.D. (short for Cobalt W.A.S.D. Aim Shoot Destroy) is an action video game developed by Oxeye Game Studios and co-developed / published by Mojang. Announced on June 1, 2017, it is a spin-off of Cobalt, focusing on the Team Deathmatch mode.[29]

The game was first made available in a closed beta the same day, and was originally planned to be released in August of that year. However, it was delayed to allow for more development time. The game was ultimately released for PC on November 30, 2017.[30]

Crown and Council


Crown and Council is a casual strategy game fully created by Henrik Pettersson.[31] It was originally conceived in a 72-hour game jam, and was released on April 22, 2016. It was inspired by the games History of the World and Slay, although many compare it to Risk.

The game puts the player in control of a nation warring against others on a tile-based map. Each turn, the player earns income based on how many conquered tiles they have, and can spend earned money to conquer other tiles or improve their own through the construction of structures like forts, villages and universities, which all provide different bonuses. The player wins a map once they have vanquished all enemies, regardless of actual remaining neutral tiles.[32][33] There are 75 maps, with additional maps being procedurally generated.[34]

He originally said he planned on continuing working on the game to fix bugs and add features.[35] An update released in January 2017 added a 99-map campaign and tweaks to the procedural generation and land-taking mechanics to improve balance. The most important change was in the calculations affecting the attack and defense of territories: the element of "randomness" was removed, and "attrition" was added, meaning that failed attacks improve the chance of future attacks succeeding. This update also added OSX and Linux versions.[36]

Game jam games

Catacomb Snatch
Catacomb Snatch.png

Main Wiki: Catacomb Snatch Wiki

Catacomb Snatch is a game developed by Mojang as part of the first annual Mojam charity event, which took place on February 17, 2012 and lasted for 60 hours.[37] During this time, Mojang Studios created a brand-new game from scratch, called Catacomb Snatch. Using the results of a poll in which both the most and least voted for categories were mixed together, the game features an "RTS-shoot 'em up" genre and "steampunk-Ancient Egypt" theme. The Humble Indie Bundle website featured live-stream footage of the development, and took donations; those who donated received access to the game not only once it was completed, but when the developers released stable builds during the event.[38]

The objective of the game is to collect 50 batches of treasure from a Treasure Trove located somewhere on the randomly generated map before your opponent. Players can gather money by destroying enemies such as bats, cobras, mummies and pharaohs, and collecting the coins that they drop. These coins can then be used to buy automatic turrets, coin harvesters, bombs, and rails and railcarts from your Base Camp, in order to help you defend and expand your territory, earn money, destroy obstacles, and build railways.[39] The game can be played both against an AI opponent in singleplayer or against another player in multiplayer.

Catacomb Snatch features a soundtrack created by C418 in collaboration with artist Anosou, or Mattias Häggström Gerdt,[40] who also created the music for Cobalt. The game can be downloaded and played for free here.

Nuclear Pizza War

A game developed by Mojang as part of the second annual Mojam charity event, which took place on February 20, 2013 and lasted for 60 hours.

Endless Nuclear Kittens

A game developed by Mojang as part of the second annual Mojam charity event, which took place on February 20, 2013 and lasted for 60 hours.

Battle Frogs

A game developed by Mojang as part of the second annual Mojam charity event, which took place on February 20, 2013 and lasted for 60 hours.


A game developed by Mojang as part of the Games Against Ebola game jam, which took place on November 26, 2014 and lasted for 96 hours.

Healthcare Evolved

A game developed by Mojang as part of the Games Against Ebola game jam, which took place on November 26, 2014 and lasted for 96 hours.

Snake Oil Stanley

A game developed by Mojang as part of the Games Against Ebola game jam, which took place on November 26, 2014 and lasted for 96 hours.

Unreleased games

Main article: 0x10c

Following the end to his involvement with Minecraft, Notch began pre-production of an alternate reality space game set in the distant future in March 2012. 0x10c is a hexadecimal number equivalent to 1612 in decimal, which equals 281,474,976,710,656, which was the number of years that were passed in story since 1988. On April Fools' Day 2012, Mojang launched a satirical website for Mars Effect, citing the lawsuit with Bethesda as an inspiration.[41] However, the gameplay elements remained true and on April 3, 2012, Mojang revealed it as a space sandbox title.[42]

The game was eventually put on hold in April of 2013 because Notch had found creative blocks. However, at the time, he was still interested in expanding the development staff to push the game toward release.[43] Eventually, the game was indefinitely shelved on August 13, 2013, but Notch added that it could be made in the future if another Mojang employee was interested in developing it.[44]

On September 15, 2014, the soundtrack for the game was released by Daniel Rosenfeld.[45]

Main article: Brickcraft

From September 5, 2011[46] to July 19, 2012, Mojang was co-developing a video game titled Brickcraft (codenamed Project Rex Kwon Do) alongside The Lego Group. Before the title had reached a significant stage of development, Mojang cancelled the collaboration to focus on developing their own titles (Minecraft, Scrolls, and 0x10c at the time).[47] Despite the cancellation, The Lego Group briefly considered acquiring Mojang, but according to Ronny Scherer, the senior director for the LEGO Games Asia/Pacific division, they decided against it as Minecraft "was still emerging" and they had "no guarantee that it would end up becoming the cultural phenomenon that it became".[48]

Main article: RubyDung

RubyDung, short for "Rubylands Dungeon Game",[49] was a Dwarf Fortress-inspired game being developed by Notch in early 2009. The game would have focused on being easier to play and more accessible than its predecessor, and would have featured both isometric and first-person viewing modes. Upon discovering Infiniminer, Notch decided a first-person block-based game would be a better choice for the kind of gameplay he had in mind,[50] and code and art from RubyDung was reused to create Minecraft.

Zombie Town
Main article: Zombie Town

Zombie Town was a GTA: Chinatown Wars-inspired game being developed by Notch in early 2009. It would have been a zombie game based on one of Notch’s earlier projects, Left 4k Dead. The game was never completed, but Notch later reused its character models and textures for the player character in Minecraft.


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Current employees

Game developers

NameIcon/AvatarPosition[hide][hide]X (Twitter)
Nathan 'Dinnerbone' Adams[51]Nathan Adams Mojang avatar.pngTechnical director (Minecraft: Java Edition)@Dinnerbone
Garrett AllenGarrettAllen.pngGame developer (Minecraft: Education Edition)
Cristina AndercaCristinaAnderca mojavatar.pngCreative writer
Mark AndersenGame developer
Pouya AshrafGame developer
Samuel ÅbergSamuel Aberg.jpgLead sound designer@slamp0000
Sandra BornemarkLauncher developer
Jens 'Jeb' Bergensten[52]Jens Bergensten Mojang avatar.pngChief creative officer (Minecraft, Cobalt and Minecraft Dungeons)@jeb_
Bartosz BokBartosz Bok.jpgGame developer (Java Edition)@0x00716F62
Niklas 'BarneyBear' BörestamNiklas Börestam.jpgLead game developer (Minecraft Dungeons)
Erik 'Grum' Broes[51]Mojavatar grum.pngGame developer@_grum
Juan BuisUX writer@juanbuis
Johannes BuschGame developer
Jason CahillTechnical director (Minecraft)
Principal engineering architect (Education Edition)
Vince CurleyTechnical director
David DalströmDavidDalström.pngGame developer (Minecraft)
Senior development manager
Sofia DankisSofiaDankis mojavatar.pngCreative writer
Issac DaytonGame developer (Minecraft)
Matthew 'Moesh' DrydenMatthewDrydenAvatar.pngQA specialist (Java Edition)@HeartlessMoesh
Steve EnosSteveEnos.pngGame designer (Minecraft)
Henning ErlandsenHenningErlandsen.pngGame developer
Jonathan GallinaJonathanGalina.pngLead user experience designer
Laura de Llorens GarciaLauradeLlorensGarcia.pngGame developer@PremsterL
Matthew GatlandGame developer (Java Edition)@mgatland
Georgii 'fry' GavrichevGeorgii Gavrichev.pngGame developer@fry_su
Chad GeorgeChadGeorge.pngGame developer
Bjarni GudmundssonGame developer
Zackarias GustavssonGame developer
QA engineer
Mikael 'Slicedlime' HedbergSlicedlime Twitter avatar.jpgLead game developer@slicedlime
Mårten HelanderMartenHelanderIRL.pngGame developer (Minecraft Dungeons)
Peter HontPeterHont.pngSound designer
Kelsey HowardKelseyHoward.pngNarrative designer (Minecraft Dungeons)
Felix 'Xilefian' JonesFelix's Minecraft skin.pngTech lead for Bedrock gameplay@Xilefian
Nilay KaraogluNilayKaraoglu.pngGame developer (Java Edition)
Rasmus KällqvistLauncher developer@RasmusKallqvist
Jonas KeatingPrincipal development manager (Minecraft)
Kirstoffer KoboskoGame developer
Oleg 'Volgar' KozitsynOlegKozitsynAvatar.pngUser experience development lead@Volgar
Piotr KunduPiotrKundu.pngLauncher developer@piotrkundu
Agnes 'LadyAgnes' Larsson[53]AgnesLarssonNewMojangAvatar.jpgLead game developer (Minecraft)@_LadyAgnes
Craig 'Ledski' LeighPrinciple Design director (Minecraft)@Ledskii
Michael MalmqvistLauncher developer
Jeff McKunePrincipal Engineering Manager (Minecraft)@tinyjeffmck
Haronid MoncivaisSenior development lead (Education Edition)
Lucas MoralesLucasMorales.pngLauncher developer@lucaslsf
Petr 'peterix' MrázekPetr Mrázek.pngLauncher developer@peterixxx
Torfi OlafssonTorfiOlafsson.pngCreative director@torfiFrans
Måns OlsonMans - Mojang avatar.pngGame developer (Java Edition and Minecraft Dungeons)@MansOlson
Alexander ÖstmanGame developer@Badgerisi
Tod PangGame designer
Anna PäärniUser experience developer
Brandon 'kingbdogz' PearceBrandonPearce.pngGame developer (Minecraft)@kingbdogz
Oskar PedersenUser experience developer
Wes PesettiGame developer
Cole PhillipsColePhillips.pngGame designer (Education Edition)
Hector PinedaGame developer
Rob PoerschkeLead game designer@RobPoerschke
Paulo RagonhaPaulo Ragonha.jpgUser experience development lead@pirelenito
Eric RehmeyerGame developer
Jakob RydenJakobRyden.pngTechnical Lead@jakobbohem
Lawrence Sanchez IILead game developer (Minecraft)
Alexander SandorGame developer
Cory 'Cojomax99' ScheviakCoryScheviakIRL.jpgGame developer (Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons)@cojomax99
Paul SchiermanPaulschierman.pngGame developer
Jin ShinUser experience designer (Minecraft)
Jake ShirleyJakeShirley.pngGame developer (Minecraft)@jakeshirley
Billy SjöbergBillySjöberg.pngGame developer (Java Edition)@billyballong
Michael StagnittaMichaelStagnitta.pngGame designer (Minecraft)
Craig SteynGame developer@CraigSteyn
Michael 'Searge' Stoyke[54]Michael Stoyke Mojang avatar.pngGame developer@SeargeDP
Adrian TonceanAdrianTonceanIRL.pngGame developer (Minecraft Dungeons)@adrianton3
Alexander TorstlingAlexander Torstling.jpgGame developer (Minecraft)@atorstling
Rostislav TrifonovRostislavTrifonov.pngSound designer (Minecraft Dungeons)@RostislavSound
Niclas UnnervikGame developer
Arthur 'Art' UsherArthurUsher.pngGame designer
Nir 'Ulraf' VakninNirVaknin.pngGame developer@_ulraf_
Robin VincentRobinVincent.pngLead game designer
James YarrowLead game developer
Jifeng ZhangJifeng Zhang.jpgTechnical director@zjfroot


NameIcon/AvatarPosition[hide][hide]X (Twitter)
Torbjorn AllardTorbjornAllard.pngTechnical artist@TorbjornAllard
Michael ApolisMichaelApolis.pngArt lead (Minecraft Earth)
Johan AronsonJohanAronsonAvatar.pngArt director@JohanAronson
Kirk BarnettSenior pixel artist (Minecraft)
Daniel BjorkeförsDanielBjorkeforsIRL.pngArt lead (Minecraft Dungeons)
Jasper 'Jappa' BoerstraJAPPA twitter.jpgGraphic artist@JasperBoerstra
Jan CariagaJanCariaga.pngSenior concept artist
Joel GarvinJoelGarvin.pngArt lead@joelgarvin3d
Mattis 'BombBoy' GrahmMattis - Mojang avatar.pngGraphic artist (Caller’s Bane)@BomuBoi
Christine GutiérrezChristineGutiérrez.pngDesign lead (Minecraft)
Jesper HallinJesperHallin.png3D Artist
Motion graphic designer
Lisa HazenLead technical artist (Minecraft)
Martin JohanssonArt director
Markus KarlssonGraphic designer
Sarah KisorSarahKisor.pngLead 3D artist (Minecraft Earth)
Sherin KwanSherinKwan.pngProduct designer
Ninni LandinNinniLandin.pngArt director@ninnilandin
Ola LanteliArt director
Débora MartinsProduct designer
Michael NeumannMichaelNeumann.pngSenior UI artist
Chris NordgrenChrisNordgrenMojangAvatar.pngVisual effects artist / 3D artist (Minecraft Dungeons)@ChrisNordgren
Wiktor PerssonWiktorPersson.pngGraphic designer
Kim PetersenKimPetersen.pngMotion graphics designer
Dylan PiepenbrokDylanPiepenbrok.pngTechnical artist
Morten 'MortMort' RasmussenMortenRasmussenAvatar.png3D artist@MortMort_
Mariana SalimenaMarianaSalimenaAvatar.pngConcept artist@cookiecat_9
Ryan SandArt lead
Peter SheffPeterSheff.png3D artist (Minecraft Earth)@PeterSheff
Telemachus StavropoulosArt lead
Amanda StromAmandaStröm.pngProduct designing lead
Brendan 'Sully' Sullivan3D artist@artofsully
Seung SungSocial media art lead
Filip ThomsFilipThoms.pngProduct designer
Markus 'Junkboy' Toivonen[52]MarkusToivonenAvatar.pngArt director@jnkboy
Richard WorleyRichardWorley.pngUI artist
Chi WongChiWong.png3D artist@wChiwi
Andy ZibitsAndyZibits.pngPrincipal art director (Minecraft)

Marketplace development

NamePositionX (Twitter)
Quinn RichterPartner program manager@quinnrichter
Todd StevensDirector of partner management

Release management

NameIcon/AvatarPositionX (Twitter)
David FriesJDavidFries.pngRelease management lead@JDavidFries
Josh MulanaxJoshMulanax.pngRelease manager (Minecraft, Minecraft Earth)@JORAX79

Software/system development

NameIcon/AvatarPosition[hide][hide]X (Twitter)
Ayannah AdegeyeAyannahAdegeye.pngSoftware engineer (Minecraft, gameplay systems)
Rob AustinSenior software development engineer (Minecraft)
Pär AxelssonPär Axelsson.jpgService software engineer@paera
Maxime BouchezLead software developer (Minecraft)
Jason BurchSoftware engineer (Minecraft)
Bill CarlsonBillCarlson.pngLead software engineer (Minecraft)
David CarltonDavidCarltonAvatar.pngSoftware developer (Minecraft)@CornerHardMC
Stacy ChenService software engineer
Guillaume ChenadecGuillaumeChenadec.png
Anthony CloudySoftware developer (Minecraft)
John CopicSenior software engineering lead (Minecraft)
David CowanDavidCowanAvatar.pngSenior software engineer (Minecraft)@Hexland
Nicholas CurtisSoftware developer (Minecraft)
Joshua Davis
Danila DergachevDanilaDergachev.pngSoftware development consultant
Curtis EichnerCurtisEichner.pngSoftware engineer (Minecraft)
Katie EllisonKatieEllisonAvatar.pngEngineering program manager@kdellison
Elijah EmersonElijahEmerson.pngSenior software engineer (Minecraft)
A.J. FairfieldSoftware developer (Minecraft)
Don Frazier IIService software engineer
Mike FrostMikeFrost.pngSenior software engineering manager
Petter GisslenPetterGisslen.pngService software engineer
Henry GoldingPrincipal software architect (Minecraft)
Mark GrinolsMarkGrinols.pngSenior engineering lead
Khaleel HarperKhaleelHarper.pngService software engineer
Matt HawleyService developer
Fanny HerreraFannyHererra.pngPrincipal software engineering lead (Minecraft)
Andy 'Needsmoreclever' HillAndyHill.pngSoftware engineer (Minecraft, RenderDragon)@needsmoreclever
Zane HintzmanZaneHintzman.pngSoftware engineer (Minecraft)
Jonathan HoofSenior software development engineer (Minecraft)
Declan HopkinsDeclanHopkinsAvatar.pngSoftware engineer (Minecraft)@Dooskington
Dom HumphreySoftware architect
Robert HuntSoftware developer (Minecraft)
Maksim IvanovMaksimIvanov.pngService softare engineer
Eric JohnstonEricJohnston.pngSoftware engineer (Minecraft)
Maria KatsouraniService software engineer
Radha KotamartiRadhaKotamarti.pngSenior networking software engineer (Minecraft)
Emily KoykkaSoftware engineer (Minecraft)
Tyler LaingSenior lead software engineer
Anders MartiniService software engineer
Dan MaukDanMauk.pngSoftware engineer (Minecraft)
Michael McGrathMichaelMcGrath.pngSenior software engineer (Minecraft)
Gary McLaughlinGaryMcLaughlin.png
Chad MeyersChadMeyers.pngSoftware engineer
Drew OkenfussSoftware engineer (Education Edition)@ProfessorOkie
Adrian OrszulakAdrianOrszulak.pngSoftware engineer (Minecraft)
Jeff OttPlatform engineer (Minecraft)
Shane PierceSystem engineer
Dan PoslunsDanPosluns.pngSenior software engineering lead (Minecraft)@danposluns
Ryan RaeSoftware developer (Minecraft)
Robert SanchezSoftware engineer
Tristan SchneiderSoftware engineer (Education Edition)
Michael ScottPrincipal software engineer (Minecraft)
John SeghersJohnSeghers.pngPrincipal lead software development engineer (Minecraft)
Michael SeydlMichaelSeydl.pngPrincipal software engineer
Jaafer SheriffJaaferSheriff.pngGraphics engineer (Minecraft)
Yash ShroffSoftware development engineer (Minecraft)
Kristin SiuSoftware developer (Minecraft)
Robert SjödahlRobertsjodahl.pngLead system engineer@robertsjodahl
Greg SnookGregSnook.pngPrincipal software engineering lead@greg_snook
Nathan SosnovskeNathanSosnovske.pngService software engineer
Matt StaubusSoftware developer (Minecraft)
Mike SwartzMikeSwartz.pngService software engineer (Minecraft Marketplace)
Brian TrevethanSenior software engineer
Alex TroyerSoftware engineer (Minecraft)
Stefan TorstenssonService software engineer
Peter WiestPeterWiest.pngPrincipal software engineering lead
Aaron WoodwardAaronWoodward.pngSoftware engineer
Kari WhitesideKariWhiteside.pngSoftware engineer (Minecraft)
Alexander WilkinsonSoftware developer (Minecraft)
Wenlan YangWenlanYang.pngService software engineer

Content and community

NameIcon/AvatarPositionX (Twitter)
Matthew GartzkeGartzke 2021 Avatar.pngCommunity manager (Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons)@MattGartzke
Kristina HornerKristinaHorner.pngCommunity program manager@kristinahorner
Joel SasakiJoelSasaki.pngSenior community manager@raijinn
Andreas ThomassonAndreasThomasson.pngContent coordinator
Oskar ThysellOskarThysell mojavatar.png
Jay WellsMega Spud twitter.jpgCommunity manager@mega_spud
Duncan GeereDuncan Geere Mojang avatar.pngWriter@duncangeere

Realms development

NameIcon/AvatarPositionX (Twitter)
Joel BergmanJoelBergman.pngLead Realms software engineer
Nicholas John CurtisRealms software engineer
Alexandre Pretto[55]Alexandre Pretto2.jpgRealms software engineer@alexandrepretto
Nico SucRealms developer

Business development

NameIcon/AvatarPosition[hide][hide]X (Twitter)
Gama Aguilar-GamezGamaAguilarGamez.pngProducer
Principal program manager
Jenny AhnellJennyAhnell.pngSenior brand producer@missjennyah
Siri Hoel AnderssonSiri Hoel.jpgOffice manager@SiriHoel
Charlotte AngantyrProject manager
Dom ArcamoneDomArcamone.pngProducer
Senior program manager (Minecraft)
Isabella ArningsmarkProducer
Kristina AshmentProducer
Principal program manager (Minecraft Earth)
Josefina AxelssonJosefina Axelsson Mojang avatar.pngFinancial accountant@vitasparven
Joël ÄlverothJoëlÄlveroth.pngOffice/Event manager
Sara BachSaraBach.pngExecutive producer (Minecraft)
Todd BaldwinToddBaldwin.pngProducer
Senior engineering program manager (Minecraft)
Todd M. BaldwinProgram manager
Isabella BalkIsabella Balk.jpgOffice manager
Daniel BeasleyDanielBeasley.pngBusiness manager (Education Edition)
Adam BlänningFront desk
Marcus BodinProducer
Bryan BonhamBryanBonham.pngProgram manager
Melissa BooneMelissaBoone.pngSenior user researcher
Bob BrenneckeDirector of business development
Aaron BuckleyDirector (Minecraft Marketplace)
Vu BuiVu Bui.jpgChief media officer@vubui
Mike CarlsonChief technology officer
Roger CarpenterExecutive producer (Minecraft)
Sarah CartonSarahCarton.pngMedia producer
Shoghi CervantesShoghi Real Life.pngIT manager@shoghicp
Inga ChamberlainIngaChamberlain.pngBusiness development manager
Annie ChennHead of franchise operations
Helen Chiang[56]HelenChiang.pngHead of Mojang Studios@Pr1ncessP1ggy
Bill ChismData science and analytics engineering lead
Ryan CooperHead of franchise production@RyanCooper
Sara CornishSaraCornish.pngSenior marketing manager (Education Edition)@s_nish
Tia Dalupan-WongTiaDalupanWong.pngProducer
Program manager (Minecraft)
Max DavidsonData science and analytics
Erin DeckerExecutive business administrator
Scott Dell'OssoScottDellOsso.pngHead of business and franchise growth
Carrie DoringCarrieDoring.pngProducer
Senior program manager (Education Edition)
Jeanie DuMontMarketing director
Ludwig EdenbäckHuman resources
Talent acquisition consultant
Gaylord EscalonaSenior product marketing manager@Lorde_Glorde
Cesar Sima FalckIT manager
Sebastian FalkProducer
Thomas FengThomasFeng.pngProducer
Technical program manager (China Edition)
Jessica FreemanJessicaFreeman.pngHead of marketing
Abigail GaddisAbigailGaddis.pngData science lead
Egil GloersenSenior product marketing manager
Rebecca GordiusRebeccaGordius.pngGlobal public relations manager@rebecca_yeun
Ani GreyAniGrey.pngBusiness manager
Jerome HagenJeromeHagen.pngUser research studio lead
Ellen HahmEllenHahm.pngBusiness development manager
Klas HammarströmKlasHammarström.pngProduction manager@klibb
Katy HansonExecutive business administrator
Katharina HautzHead of creative production
Devarshi HazarikaDevarshiHazarika.pngSenior business manager
Deanna HearnsHead of Minecraft Marketplace creator program and Minecraft Earth
Kelly HenckelProducer
Technical program manager (Minecraft)
Catherine HendrixCatherineHendrix.pngProgram manager
Saher HirjiSaherHirji.pngDirector of business management
Shelia HoSheliaHo.pngHead of creative production
Senior office manager
Ulrika HojgardHead of Studio
Travis HowlandTravisHowland.pngHead of China Edition
Director (Minecraft player experience)
Michelle HuaDirector of business management
Owen 'Bopogamel' JonesOwen Jones Mojang avatar.pngDirector of creative communications@Bopogamel
Ulrika 'Maggan' KarlssonUlrikaKarlssonAvatar.pngHuman resources
Head of workplace experience
Lisa KempeLisa Kempe.jpgProducer (Minecraft events)@ohhilisa
Nick KetterNickKetter.pngMarketing manager@maroonblazer
Melinda KnightProducer
Principal program manager (Education Edition)
Kara KonoKaraKono.pngProducer
Senior program manager (Minecraft)
Marina KostesicDirector of finance
Per LandinPerLandinAvatar.pngCreative communications assistant@perlandin
David LauBusiness manager
Eileen LeeEileenLee.pngSenior business manager
Adam LemcioSenior business program manager
Riccardo LenziSenior producer
Best LiangProducer
Sara LidbergProducer
Project manager
Jaime LimónJaimeLimón.pngSenior product marketing manager@MrLemon
Bill LindellBusiness manager
Robin LinderProducer
Delilah LiuDelilahLiu.pngProduct marketing manager (China Edition and Minecraft China: Education Edition)
Lisa LiuExecutive business administrator
Principal group engineering manager
Luis LiuBusiness manager
Justine LoongProducer
Project manager
Stephanie LouieStephanieLouie.pngBusiness manager
Alice LöfgrenAliceLöfgren.pngHead of social media
Anna LundgrenAnnaLundgren.pngProducer (Minecraft)@iAnna_na_na
Fergus LynchFergusLynch.pngMarketing director
Stefan LyrmarkStefanLyrmark.pngFinance manager
Adele MajorAdeleMajor.pngSenior producer (Minecraft media and events)@missy__m
Georgia MarraBusiness manager
Anton MaslennikovAntonMaslennikov.pngMarketing manager
Head of lifecycle marketing
Allison MatthewsAllisonMatthews.pngExecutive producer (Education Edition)
Jonas Mårtensson[57]Jonas Mårtensson.jpgExecutive strategy advisor@maartensson
Stephen McHughStephenMcHugh.pngDirector of business management
Michael McManusMichaelMcManus.pngProducer
Group program manager (Minecraft)
Jesse MerriamExecutive producer (Minecraft)
Rebecca MillerBusiness manager
Pablo MoralesUser researcher
Micah MyerscoughMicahMyerscough.pngProducer
Senior program manager (Education Edition)
Hampus NilssonHampus Nilsson.jpgProducer
David NisshagenDavidNisshagenAvatar.pngExecutive producer (Minecraft Dungeons)@DavidNisshagen
Yutaka NomaCountry manager, Japan
Regan O’LearyReganOLeary.pngDirector of global public relations
Julie OldenJulieOlden.pngSenior program manager for diversity and inclusion@julieolden4
Josefin OlssonProducer on consumer products
Adrian ÖstergårdAdrian Östergård Mojang avatar.pngProducer (Java Edition)@adrian_ivl
Katie PenzaKatiePenza.pngSenior global marketing manager
Olle PersonneOllePersonneIRL.jpgProducer
Carina PeterssonSenior media producer
Deirdre QuarnstromDeirdreQuarnstromAvatar.pngHead of Minecraft Atlas@Deirdre206
Dennis RiesExecutive producer
Evelina RollfeltEvelinaRollfelt.pngIT manager
Nathan RoseProducer
Senior project manager
Jeff RivaitJeffRivaitAvatar.pngGlobal product marketing manager@JeffRVT
Francisco RiusFranciscoRuis.pngHead of data science and analytics@franciscor
Marcus RundströmProducer
Maja SamuelssonHuman resources@Majams
John SchorkGlobal public relations manager
Audrey SearcyAudreySearcy.pngBusiness manager
Hai ShiHaiShi.pngSenior producer (Minecraft)
Bhrigu ShreeBhriguShree.pngData science and analytics
Åsa SkogströmÅsaSkogström.pngProducer
Alina SkripnikAlinaSkripnik.pngBusiness manager
Director (Minecraft Marketplace)
Jeremy SnookJeremySnookAvatar.pngDirector of business development
Amy StillionAmyStillion.pngChief of staff
DJ StinerProducer
Senior program manager (Minecraft)
Annica StrandAnnicaStrandIRL.pngProducer (Minecraft Dungeons)
Anita SujaritExecutive producer (Minecraft)
Nicolette SuragaNicolette Suraga.jpgSenior producer@NicoletteSuraga
Kasia SwicaKasiaSwica.pngSenior lead program manager (Minecraft)
Eric TaylorEricTaylor.pngBusiness manager@erwtaylor
Fredrik TeleniusExecutive producer (Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons)@_b4njo
John ThorntonDirector of business planning
Susie TinkerProgram manager (Education Edition)
Alen VoljevicaProducer
Karim WalldénKarim Walldén Mojang avatar.pngHead of strategic partnerships@dearkarim
Kayleen WaltersKayleenWalters.pngHead of partnerships and licensing
Marc WatsonMarcWatsonAvatar.jpgProducer (Minecraft Dungeons)@Marc_IRL
Christy WecknerBusiness manager
Michael WeilbacherMichaelWeilbacherAvatar.pngChief technology officer
Judy WheelerExecutive business administrator
Thomas WiborghHead of marketing communications
Nedra WilsonNedraWilson.pngBusiness manager
Lead on events and experiences
Lydia 'MinecraftChick' WintersLydia - Mojang avatar.pngChief storyteller@LydiaWinters
Anton WuIT manager
Bill WuBusiness manager
Micky YamaguchiProducer
Program manager
Jessica ZahnJessicaZahn.pngExecutive producer (Minecraft)
Aleksandra 'Ola' ZajacAleksandra Zając Twitter.jpgHuman resources@MissMarzenia
Maru ZamoraMaruZamora.pngBusiness manager
Consumer products retail lead
Olga ZielinskaOlgaZielinska.pngUser researcher
Amy ZouAmyZou.pngDirector of business management

Customer support

Nasim DerakhshanNasimDerakhshan.pngCustomer relationship expert
Anne QuarantaCustomer support director
Jen PedersenJenPedersen.pngCustomer support lead
Elli AshrafiCustomer support Agent
Sarah MårtenssonCustomer support Agent

Intellectual property enforcement

Mathias AnderssonIntellectual property enforcement agent@engstofficial
Liz BostickLegal counsel
Tim HanTimHan.png
Nick MorganNickMorgan.pngHead of Legal
Brandon AnderssonBrand enforcer
Maria MaloneBrand enforcer
Milla StoneBrand enforcer
Talia GruntBrand enforcer


NameIcon/AvatarTaskX (Twitter)Notes
57Digital57digital.pngDevelopers of Minecraft Explorer, the official Minecraft companion guide for iOS, as well as the Minecraft Skin Studio, and Marketplace Partners.@57digitalJamie Chapman and Luke Dixon
Daniel 'C418' RosenfeldDaniel Rosenfeld.jpgMade some music and sounds for Minecraft, 0x10c and Catacomb Snatch.@C418Has high self-esteem!
Lena RaineLena Raine IRL.jpgMade some music and sounds for Minecraft.@kuraine
Kumi TaniokaMade some music and sounds for Minecraft.@tanikumi
Del Rey BooksDel Rey logo.svgPublisher of various Minecraft novels and guidebooks@DelReyBooks
Dark Horse ComicsDark Horse Comics logo.svgPublisher of the Minecraft graphic novel series@DarkHorseComics
Double ElevenDoubleElevenLogo.svgDeveloping Minecraft Dungeons alongside Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios@doubleelevenltd
Play MechanixPlayMechanixLogo.pngDeveloping Minecraft Dungeons Arcade alongside Mojang Studios@playmechanix
Blackbird InteractiveBlackbirdInteractiveLogo.pngDeveloping Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Legends alongside Mojang Studios@InsideBBI
JINXProducer of Minecraft merchandise@JINX
The Lego GroupPublisher of LEGO Minecraft sets@LEGO_Group
RavensburgerPublisher of Minecraft board games@ravensburgerna
Warner Bros. PicturesProducer of Minecraft: The Movie@Warnerbros


NameEditionX (Twitter)
Mojang StudiosMinecraftJava and Bedrock Editions@Mojang
Xbox Game StudiosMinecraftBedrock Edition@MSStudiosBlog
NetEaseChina Edition@neteasegames

Former employees

Game development

NameIcon/AvatarPosition[hide][hide]X (Twitter)
Tobias AhlinTobias Ahlin.jpgLead experience designer@tobiasahlin
Tomas AlaeusTomas Alaeus.jpgGame developer (Minecraft Dungeons)@TAlaeus
Markus ArvidssonGame developer
Magnus BentlingGame developer (Minecraft Dungeons)
Johan BernhardssonBernhardsson - Mojang avatar.pngGame developer (Java Edition)@jbernhardsson
Márcio OliveiraMarcio Oliveira.jpgLauncher developer@marcio_os
Lauren CarecciaLaurenCareccia.pngGame designer (Minecraft Earth)
Oskar CarlbaumOskarCarlbaum.pngUser experience developer@OskarCarlbaum
Miko CharbonneauSenior game designer (Minecraft)
Linus CumseliusLinusCumselius.pngLauncher developer
Lily EkmanLilyEkman.pngLead user experience developer
Daniel FriskFrisk - Mojang avatar.pngGame developer@danfrisk
Wolfram 'Wollay' von Funck[58]Game developer@wol_lay
Jared GreinerJaredGreiner.pngSenior game designer (Minecraft)@jaregre
Thomas 'ProfMobius' Guimbretière[59]Thomas Guimbretiere.pngGame developer (Minecraft)@ProfMobius
Fredrik HenrikssonFredrikHenriksson.pngGame developer (Cobalt)@Frall_
Max 'Keso' HerngrenMax Herngren Mojang avatar.pngNarrative designer (Minecraft Dungeons)@maxherngren
Martin HesselbornMartinHesselborn.pngLauncher developer
Sebastian HindefeltSebastianHindefelt.pngGame developer
Ryan 'TheMogMiner' Holtz[54]Ryan Holtz.pngGame developer (Java Edition)@TheMogMiner
Kristoffer Jelbring[60]Kris - Mojang avatar.pngGame developer (Minecraft Dungeons)@KrisJelbring
Jon KågströmJon - Mojang avatar.pngGame developer@jonkagstrom
Henrik KnibergHenrikKnibergAvatar.pngGame developer@henrikkniberg
Irina KoulinitchGame developer
Joachim LarssonJoachimLarsson.png
Maria LemónMaria Lemón Mojang avatar.pngGame developer (Java Edition)@MiaLem_n
Josh 'rockenroll4life' LetellierJosh Letellier.jpg@rockenroll4life
Jon MaigaGame developer
Jason MajorJason Major.jpgTechnical director@argo_major
Kevin MartinezKevinMartinez.pngSound designer
Kirill MikhelKirillMikhel.pngUser experience developer
Tobias Möllstam[61]Tobias - Mojang avatar.pngGame developer@mollstam
Marc NeanderMarcNeander.pngLauncher developer@marcneander
Aron 'degussa' NieminenAron - Mojang avatar.pngGame developer (Minecraft and Caller's Bane)@aron_nieminen
Oscar NilssonOscarNilsson.pngUser experience designer (Minecraft)@oscrse
Michael NovénUser experience designer@novalain
Albin OdervallUser experience developer@albinodervall
Pradnesh PatilPradneshPatil.pngGame designer (Minecraft Earth)@pradneshpatil
Markus 'Notch' PerssonNotch - Mojang avatar.pngFounder of Mojang
Creator of Minecraft
Game developer
Saxs PerssonSaxsPerssonAvatar.pngChief creative officer (Minecraft, Minecraft Earth)@saxs
Henrik 'Carnalizer' Pettersson[62]Henrik - Mojang avatar.pngProduction manager of Caller’s Bane
Developer of Crown and Council
Game director
Jakob PogulisGame developer
Jakob PorsérJakob - Mojang avatar.pngFounder of Mojang
Game developer (Caller’s Bane)
Project director
Anders RosénAndersRosén.pngLauncher developer
Tim SchutzTimSchutz.pngLead game developer
Stephen ScottStephenScott.pngGame designer (Minecraft)
Emelie SidesiöUser experience developer
Sina TamannaGame developer
Clayton VaughtTechnical director (Minecraft)@ashyre
Isaac de la VegaGame developer
Dario VodopivecUser experience developer
David WestenGame developer
Carl WestinLauncher developer
Christian Westman[63]Christian Westman Mojang avatar.pngGame developer (Minecraft Dungeons)@westmaaan
Stephen 'OneBlueBird' WhetstineUser experience design director (Minecraft and Education Edition)@onebluebird
Michael 'Mikaus' WhiteleyGame developer
Daniel WustenhoffDaniel Wustenhoff.jpgGame developer (Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons)@darngeek
David ZevallosLauncher developer


NameIcon/AvatarPositionX (Twitter)
Poi Poi ChenPoi Poi Chen.jpgGraphic artist (Scrolls)@PoiPoiChen
Elin Forsling3D / visual effects artist (Minecraft Dungeons)
Jakob Gavelli
Jennifer HammervaldProduct designer@jennisprints
Alexis HolmqvistArt director for merchandise
Mariana 'RazzleberryFox' RamirezMarianaRamirez.pngAnimator, modeler, texture artist@RazzleberryFox
Hayden 'Dock' Scott-Baron[64][65]Hayden Scott-Baron.jpgArtist@Docky
Brad ShuberBradShuber.pngPrincipal art director (Minecraft)

Software/system development

NameIcon/AvatarPosition[hide][hide]X (Twitter)
Michael AnderssonSoftware engineer
Tommaso 'tommo' ChecchiTommaso Checchi Mojang avatar.pngSoftware architect@_tomcc
Jonas BergströmJonasBergstrom.jpg
Jeff 'Dextor' BlazierSenior software engineer (Minecraft Earth)
Haley EisenshtadtService software engineer
Joakim Ejenstam
Semih EnerginSemihEnergin.pngSenior software engineer (Minecraft)
Leonard 'xlson' Gram[66]Leo - Mojang avatar.pngWeb developer@xlson
Christoffer HammarströmSystem developer
Mark JawadMarkJawad.pngLead Realms software engineer@mark_jawad
Aaron HeysseSenior software engineering lead (Minecraft)
Adrian LaValleeAdrianLaVallee.png
Karim LuccinSoftware developer (Minecraft and Minecraft Earth)
Luis MexLuisMex.pngSoftware engineering lead (Minecraft)
Tom MilesSystem engineer
Patrick O’LearySoftware engineer (Minecraft)@tourettedev
Martin OdheliusMartin Odhelius.pngWeb developer@modhelius
Jonathan OrtizJonathanOrtiz.pngSoftware developer
Taylor RivieraSoftware engineer
Tomas SommarTomas Sommar.pngWeb developer@tomassommar
Dave StevensSoftware developer
Lisa SturmSoftware developer (Minecraft)
Robyn ToService software engineer
Campbell TranTelemetry/systems designer (Minecraft Earth)

Content and community

NameIcon/AvatarPositionX (Twitter)
Nova Barlow[67]Community manager@novabarlow
Sara LempiäinenSaraLempiäinen.pngContent coordinator@saracecilia
Adam MartinssonAdam Martinsson Mojang avatar.png@a_mson
Helen 'HelenAngel' ZbihlyjHelen1.jpgCommunity manager@helenangel
Tom StoneTom Stone Mojang avatar.pngWriter

Realms development

NameIcon/AvatarPositionX (Twitter)
Erik BylundRealms developer
Mats Henricson@matshenricson
Magnus Jäderberg
Alexander Johansson
David Marby[68]DMarby.jpg@DMarby
Amir MoulaviAmir moulavi.jpgRealms lead developer@mamirm
Johnny SjööJohnnySjöö.pngRealms developer
Philip 'Zee' VieiraPhilipVieiraAvatar.png@zeeraw
Cullen WatersCullenWaters.pngLead Realms software engineer@cuwaters

Business development

NameIcon/AvatarPosition[hide][hide]X (Twitter)
Andrew AdamykChief of staff
Thommy SivermanThommySiverman.pngQuality engineer
Lead QA specialist
Patrick GeuderGeuder - Mojang avatar.pngDirector of business development@pgeuder
Alex AnderssonOffice manager
Sofia AnderssonSofiaAndersson.pngHuman resources
Talent acquisition consultant
Darla BarrettExecutive business administrator
Matt BootyMattBooty.pngHead of Minecraft
Olof Carlson[69]OlofCarlson.jpgChief product officer@olofcarlson
Chris CasanovaSenior producer of live operations
Yesenia CisnerosYeseniaCisneros.pngProducer
Technical program manager (Minecraft Earth)
Jill CurranJillCurran.pngOffice manager
Amelia DaleHead of social media
Marsh DaviesMarsh Davies Mojang avatar.pngCreative communications manager@MarshDavies
Dejan DimicDejanDimic.pngProducer
Warren DurrettHead of data science and analytics
Brynjólfur 'Binni' ErlingssonBrynjólfur Erlingsson Mojang avatar.pngData warehouse manager@brynjolfur
Johannes FriddProducer
Nathan 'Tahg' Gilbert[51][70]Tahg.pngMinecraft server development@tahgtahv
Juan GrilJuanGril.pngSenior producer (Minecraft Earth)
Jonny HairProducer
Kaya HatcherKayaHatcher.pngSenior producer
John HendricksJohnHendricks.pngCreative director@JLtZD
Rikard HerlitzRikard Herlitz.jpgChief technology officer@GooCoder
Didac HormigaDidacHormiga.pngProduct marketing manager
Linn HultmanLinn Hultman.jpgOffice manager@Linnsebumsan
Moira IngeltunSenior media producer@moizrgi
Daniel 'Kappische' Kaplan[71]Kappische - Mojang avatar.pngProduction director@Kappische
Erin KrellExecutive producer
Dennis LavioletteDennisLaviolette.pngBusiness manager
Patrick LiuPatrickLiuAvatar.pngDirector of new games@pottan
Natalie LevinssonSenior financial accountant
Warren 'EvilSeph' Loo[51][72]EvilSeph - Mojang avatar.pngAssistant producer@EvilSeph
Cherie LutzDirector of business development
Austin MaestreProducer
Carl Manneh[61]Carl - Mojang avatar.pngFounder of Mojang
Chief executive officer
Vera MirchevVeraMirchev.pngLead project manager
Aubrey NorrisAubrey Norris.pngHead of player operations
Maria OlekheykoProgram manager (Education Edition)
Sofia OrrheimProducer
Jonatan 'eldrone' PöljöJonatan Pöljö.jpgDesignator@eldrone
Mikaela PrimOffice manager
Meenoo RamiMeenooRami.pngProgram manager (Education Edition)@meenoorami
Jason RiceJasonRice.pngProducer
Franchise business strategist
Emily 'StinkyTiger' RichardsonEmily Richardson Mojang avatar.pngCreative communications assistant
Karin SeverinsonKarin - Mojang avatar.pngChief finance officer@KarinSeverinson
Nick SeversonProducer
Eva StefanacMarketing manager
Marie StålkrantzProducer
Adam TrattAdamTratt.pngDirector of business development@adamtr
Chaimae TruvingReception manager
Ida UtterströmIdaUtterström.pngHuman resources
Talent acquisition consultant
Cathy WickershamExecutive business administrator
Justin WoodsProducer
Charlotte WredesjöOffice manager
Bella 'Broontoo'[73]Project manager@Broontoo

Customer support

NameIcon/AvatarPosition[hide][hide]X (Twitter)
Anton AlbiinAnton Albiin.jpgCustomer support agent@EttGlasVatten
Andreas AnderssonAndreas Andersson Real Life.png@Blurplurp
Cim BorgCimBorg.png@Cim_XII
David Carlsson
Robin Cocks
Theodor Colbing
David Stuart DahlgrenDavid Stuart Dahlgren Mojang avatar.png@hejstuart
Henrik Davallius
Rabi Hadad
Angehlica HallingAngelicaHalling.png
Eliza Hearsum
Amelia Henriksson
Nicole Jansson
Carl Johnsson
Andrea 'hideous' JörgensenAndrea-Jörgensen.jpg@AndiJorgensen
Antonia KousathanaAntoniaKousathana.png
Joe Liu@JoeBleh
Ana Martins
Robert Miskiewicz
Erik Nordberg
Rui RiberioRuiRiberio.png
Fredrik SandstromFredrikSandstrom.png
Henry Shi
Dante Stjernberg
Patrik SödergrenPatrikSödergren.png
Robin ThunströmRobinThunström.png@RobinThunstrom
Mike 'ClayHero' TillMike Till.png@Fals3Ech0
Annika Tripke-Lund
Mattias VictorinMattias Victorin Real Life.pngCustomer support team lead@MattiasVictorin

Intellectual property enforcement

Matilda ÅkermanIntelluectual property enforcement agent
Sylvia ChenSylviaChen.png
Christi DavissonChristiDavisson.pngLegal counsel
Marcus ForssMarcusForss.pngIntellectual property enforcement agent
Teresa RodewaldIntellectual property enforcement lead
Karl LowryBrand enforcer

Former contractors

NameIcon/AvatarTask[hide][hide]X (Twitter)
Corey 'MonsieurV3rt' ClemansCorey Clemans Mojang avatar.pngLatin America community coordinator@coreyclemans
Gary M.Community Manager (Scrolls)[74]@atmaz
GarethCommunity Manager (Scrolls)[74]@seemescrollin
Telltale GamesTelltale Games logo.svgDevelopers of Minecraft: Story Mode and Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two@telltalegames
Other Ocean InteractiveOtherOceanLogo.pngDevelopers of the New Nintendo 3DS Edition of Minecraft@Other_Ocean
ScholasticOriginal publisher of various Minecraft guidebooks@Scholastic
Mattel CreationsProduces the Minecraft Mini-Series
Atomic Cartoons@atomiccartoons
Nikolaj NyholmAssisted Mojang with their early business development.@nikolaj
Paul SpoonerPaul Spooner.pngAssisted with the development of Minecraft's trees.@dudecon
Kristoffer ZetterstrandZetterstrand.pngMade the paintings for Minecraft.@Zetterstrand
4J Studios4J Studios logo.svgDevelopers of the Legacy Console Edition of Minecraft@4JStudios
Garry 'Army of Trolls' J LuckenMade the skins for the Pocket EditionSkin packs and some skins in the Halloween and Skin Pack 3 Skin packs for Legacy Console Edition[75][76]@armyoftrolls
Egmont GroupPublisher of Minecraft Books and Minecraft Magazine
Kellogg'sProducer of Minecraft: Creeper Crunch@kelloggcompany
JazwaresProducer of Minecraft merchandise@Jazwares
2 Player ProductionsProducer of Minecraft: The Story of Mojang@2PProductions

Office tour





Splash screen logos






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