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This article describes a feature planned for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. 
It has not appeared in any development versions yet, but is planned to be included in Java Edition 1.21 and Bedrock Edition 1.21.0.
Trial chamber
Breeze teaser 01.jpg: Infobox image for Trial chamber the structure in Minecraft
Consists of

A trial chamber is a structure that generates underground revealed at Minecraft Live 2023.


Trial chambers can generate underground in the overworld. They are procedurally generated structures made of mostly new tuff and copper blocks.

The chamber consists of a number of different rooms, some of which contain trial spawners. It contains a number of new blocks, including tuff bricks and copper bulbs. Some trial spawners may also contain the breeze, a playful hostile mob.


BlockSprite block-of-copper.png: Sprite image for block-of-copper in Minecraft linking to Block of CopperBlock of Copper
BlockSprite candles.png: Sprite image for candles in Minecraft linking to CandlesCandles
BlockSprite chain.png: Sprite image for chain in Minecraft linking to ChainChain
BlockSprite cut-copper-stairs.png: Sprite image for cut-copper-stairs in Minecraft linking to Cut Copper StairsCut Copper Stairs
BlockSprite copper-bulb.png: Sprite image for copper-bulb in Minecraft linking to Copper BulbCopper Bulb
BlockSprite copper-grate.png: Sprite image for copper-grate in Minecraft linking to Copper GrateCopper Grate
BlockSprite copper-trapdoor.png: Sprite image for copper-trapdoor in Minecraft linking to Copper TrapdoorCopper Trapdoor
BlockSprite copper-door.png: Sprite image for copper-door in Minecraft linking to Copper DoorCopper Door
BlockSprite chest.png: Sprite image for chest in Minecraft linking to ChestChest
BlockSprite dispenser.png: Sprite image for dispenser in Minecraft linking to DispenserDispenser
BlockSprite decorated-pot.png: Sprite image for decorated-pot in Minecraft linking to Decorated PotDecorated Pot
BlockSprite flower-pot.png: Sprite image for flower-pot in Minecraft linking to Flower potFlower pot
BlockSprite potted-dead-bush.png: Sprite image for potted-dead-bush in Minecraft linking to Potted Dead BushPotted Dead Bush
BlockSprite ladder.png: Sprite image for ladder in Minecraft linking to LadderLadder
BlockSprite trial-spawner.png: Sprite image for trial-spawner in Minecraft linking to Trial SpawnerTrial Spawner
BlockSprite tripwire-hook.png: Sprite image for tripwire-hook in Minecraft linking to Tripwire HookTripwire Hook
BlockSprite tuff-bricks.png: Sprite image for tuff-bricks in Minecraft linking to Tuff BricksTuff Bricks
BlockSprite chiseled-tuff-bricks.png: Sprite image for chiseled-tuff-bricks in Minecraft linking to Chiseled Tuff BricksChiseled Tuff Bricks
BlockSprite chiseled-polished-tuff.png: Sprite image for chiseled-polished-tuff in Minecraft linking to Chiseled Polished TuffChiseled Polished Tuff
BlockSprite polished-tuff.png: Sprite image for polished-tuff in Minecraft linking to Polished TuffPolished Tuff
BlockSprite tripwire.png: Sprite image for tripwire in Minecraft linking to TripwireString


The following mobs can spawn here, naturally, or by Trial Spawners

EntitySprite breeze.png: Sprite image for breeze in Minecraft linking to BreezeBreeze
EntitySprite slime.png: Sprite image for slime in Minecraft linking to SlimeSlime
EntitySprite stray.png: Sprite image for stray in Minecraft linking to StrayStray


The entrance to the Trial Chamber is known as "the corridor", with traps and hallways leading out of it. The corridor is found in the centre of the structure.There are hallways connecting the rooms together, dimly lit up with weathered copper bulbs.

There are two known chamber rooms, the trial spawner, breeze trial[unofficial name] and small loot spots found along hallways.The trial spawner is a room containing copper bulbs and a normal trial spawner, while the breeze trial room is larger, and contains copper trapdoors and bulbs.

In the breeze trial room, a series of mobs needs to be fought, including strays, slimes, and the breeze.


Loot is available from "supply chests" within the chamber, and players who defeat a trial spawner each receive rewards. Although diamonds and emeralds were shown as possible rewards, Brandon Pearce has since stated that these are placeholders. Loot drops scale depending on the amount of people who defeat the trial spawner.

The breeze also spawns within the trial chamber, although it is unknown whether it drops loot.